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Pac-12 football preseason power rankings, Pacific Takes edition: Oregon on top in the North, USC in the South

The first edition of our fan-voted Pac-12 Power Rankings for 2015

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


1. Oregon

The Ducks were a near unanimous top choice despite losing a Heisman winter and four All-Americans. That is a testament to how strong of a program Oregon has become and how weak the North is this season.

2. Stanford

Stanford is a near unanimous second choice and the only team fans see potentially jumping Oregon. No one seems to think Stanford is as good as they were a few years ago, but they are still a clear cut top two team in the North.

3. Cal

The Bears fought hard to crack the top three seal that Oregon, Stanford and Washington have built the past few years and fans think that they finally have going into 2015.

4. Washington

Most expect the Huskies to take a step back for the first time in a long time in 2015. Fans do not have the gap between them and Washington State as being very big right now.

5. Washington State

Not much excitement in Pullman right now, but they can get some encouragement in Pac-12 fans believing that they aren't far behind hated Washington headed into 2015.

6. Oregon State

The Beavers were an almost unanimous choice for last in the North and that is really bad considering how weak the division is this season.


1. USC

I think the Trojans actually got hurt by Steve Sarkisian's drunken antics as their votes seemed to go down the later votes came in. They ended up only edging out UCLA by one point.


Sarkisian's mistake may be UCLA's gain as USC has lost a lot of buzz due to controversy and bad press. Fans appear to be confident in their ability to cope with losing Brett Hundley.

3. Arizona State

The Sun Devils were just a few votes below the Trojans. They seem to be a growing minor darkhorse candidate to win the South.

4. Arizona

The Wildcats just can't get any respect and seem perpetually stuck in this spot of perception. Not everyone forgot that they won the South last year though as they received quite a few first place votes.

5. Utah

Another program that seems glued to their spot. The Utes improved greatly last year, but couldn't get out of fifth so they are stuck here till they prove they can get out.

6. Colorado

Sadly the Buffs only got two non-sixth place votes. That is all.