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Stanford at 14/1, Oregon at 22/1, USC at 33/1 lead Pac-12 in 2017 national title odds

No surprises here.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Odds courtesy of Bovada:

14:1: Stanford Cardinal. Stanford will lose a lot of key contributors at many positions on offense and defense (quarterback, offensive line, wide receiver, linebacker, defensive line), but they return Christian McCaffrey, perhaps the most dynamic offensive weapon in all of college football.

22:1: Oregon Ducks. Aside from their now fairly regular quarterback questions, Oregon should still be poised to have a great offense next year. The question lies in their now highly questionable defense, which was one of the worst in college football last season. And the Ducks are losing a lot of talent on that side of the football.

33:1: USC Trojans. USC is losing a good chunk of their front seven and Cody Kessler on offense, but the Trojans are still stacked to the hilt with quality talent. The Trojans had one of the best offenses in college football last season and are expected to take higher leaps next season.

40:1: UCLA Bruins. Despite the return of Josh Rosen, UCLA is losing a lot of key contributors at multiple positions like offensive line, wide receiver and running back. But the majority of the defense is back and should compete to be one of the saltiest groups in the conference.

Full odds to win the 2017 national title are below.

Odds to Win the 2017 CFP National Championship

Alabama                       7/1

Clemson                       15/2

Baylor                         12/1

Michigan                       12/1

Ohio State                    12/1

LSU                            14/1

Notre Dame                  14/1

Oklahoma                     14/1

Stanford                       14/1

Florida State                 16/1

Mississippi                   22/1

Oregon                         22/1

Tennessee                    22/1

Florida                        33/1

Georgia                        33/1

Houston                        33/1

Iowa                           33/1

Michigan State              33/1

TCU                            33/1

USC                            33/1

UCLA                           40/1

Wisconsin                     50/1

Arkansas                      50/1

Auburn                         50/1

Louisville                     50/1

Nebraska                      50/1

North Carolina               50/1

Oklahoma State            50/1

Texas A&M                   50/1

Miami Florida                66/1

South Carolina              66/1

Washington                   66/1

Utah                             66/1

Washington State          66/1

Texas                          75/1

Virginia Tech                 75/1

West Virginia                 75/1

Arizona                        100/1

Arizona State                100/1

BYU                            100/1

Boise State                   100/1

California                     100/1

Georgia Tech                100/1

Maryland                       100/1

Mississippi State           100/1

Missouri                       100/1

NC State                       100/1

Northwestern                 100/1

Penn State                    100/1