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Pac-12 gets their first College Gameday: Washington vs. Utah in Salt Lake City

Will it be the only one?

NCAA Football: ESPN College Game Day Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Huskies and Utah Utes will face off in one of the biggest Pac-12 matchups of the year. A potential Pac-12 title preview, 7-0 Washington and 7-1 Utah try to stay on track for not only a potential conference title, but a possible playoff bid. And College Gameday will be there!

Washington has been the most dominant team in the Pac-12 up to this point. Aside from a brief and bizarre scare from cellar dweller Arizona, Washington has rolled through their opposition, winning by 35 points or more a game in every contest but one.

Utah’s road has been a little rockier. Utah squeaked out a one point win against BYU, needed a late comeback in the final seconds to edge out USC, lost on the final play on the final yard against Cal, survived a scare from Oregon State, and rolled up 52 on UCLA.

If Washington loses and the Pac-12 playoff race isn’t quite so clear anymore, it’s likely that this might be the only visit to the Pac-12 College Gameday this season. The only other trips I could see Gameday making are to Seattle is the USC vs. Washington game, and that requires both the Trojans and the Huskies to stay on track.