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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Jared Goff to Browns, Myles Jack to Cowboys, DeForest Buckner to Bucs


Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Currently there are three Pac-12 players that are likely to be NFL first round picks. After that there's a bit of a chasm at the moment, but there are a few clear blue chippers who will make an immediate impact on a professional team.  Here is the latest NFL mock draft from SB Nation.

2. Cal quarterback Jared Goff to Cleveland Browns: Goff performed well at the NFL Combine, and seemed to fend off challenges from Carson Wentz to be the number one quarterback. Jared is still the overall superior quarterback talent, but expect him and Wentz to keep dueling to be the first QB picked in the draft.

He reads and manipulates defenses better, has superior pocket presence and is close enough to Wentz in regard to arm strength and pure athleticism.

4. UCLA linebacker Myles Jack to Dallas Cowboys: Dallas could use more defenders to get this defense running at full tilt. Linebackers are definitely the big priority here. Jack can handle multiple responsibilities and be a starting linebacker nearly immediately.

Jack may not have done a full workout at the Combine, but he's still worth a top-five pick. He's an active and rangy linebacker who will play all three downs.

9. Oregon defensive end DeForest Buckner to Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs need so much help at so many positions. If DeForest falls this far, the Bucs have to make a step to get him. They need to get pass rushers in some way and Buckner is one of the best ones available at the position.

"Buckner is going to make a lot of plays at the next level. Among prospects this year, he's unrivaled in his combination of size, athleticism and playing strength."