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Jared Goff NFL Draft profile: First or second overall pick?

It's unlikely he drops beyond that.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Could Jared Goff be the first overall pick? Two teams have traded up to probably try and get him.

The Los Angeles Rams are the team to watch. LA traded up to the first overall pick to try and get themselves a quarterback, and it seems like Goff has a chance to be the pick at that spot. It's still uncertain which quarterback between Goff and Carson Wentz will be the guy, but Goff is definitely on watch.

If the Rams don't take him, it seems the Philadelphia Eagles are content to take whomever is left with the second pick. The Eagles likely traded up to find themselves a permanent quarterback, and they seem to be happy with the thought of either Goff or Wentz. So it's unlikely Goff will drop beyond that.

Goff is ready to play in the pros. Despite the Air Raid complaints, Goff has proven he's pro-ready with his ability to manipulate reads and coverages and drop footballs in pretty much every part of the field. Goff led a mediocre Cal team to eight wins, and it seems like his potential is sky high.

Goff is aiming to be the first pick from the Pac-12 since 2012, when Andrew Luck was taken first by the Indianapolis Colts.