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Was UCLA and Stanford a Pac-12 title preview?

Stanford-UCLA. Was that a Pac-12 title preview or do you think it showcased fatal flaws in either team?

Stanford v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Taylor Henry: Personally I think that Stanford wins the North. They have work to do, but watching the game you never felt that they would break or were out of the game. They force other teams to beat you, they don't best themselves. As far as the south goes. I honestly think any team has a chance to go to the Pac-12 title game, there are no clear choices, nor a team that's far and away better than any of the others.

Jeremy Baird: Preview. They are head and shoulders above everyone but UDub.

UCLA has shown more in two loses than the rest of the division combined.

Jose Bouquett: It was a title preview but man, both teams have to be better to get there. I don’t think Utah or anyone else has enough offense to beat the UCLA defense but Josh Rosen and company need to be better. It was a very good game and they could of had it but UCLA needs to be better. Pretty simple. As for Stanford, they’re good at football. And with Washington almost losing to Arizona, I don’t see why they can compete with Stanford.

Jeremy: Definitely agree that UCLA has room to improve, particularly on OL, but only Utah has the DL to exploit.

Nico Gervasoni: I don't think Stanford's flaws are that fatal. David Shaw had the one dumb game he seems to have yearly when he gets hyperconservative, it just happened to work this time. UCLA defense played a hell of a game to stop McCaffrey, I think maybe only UW has the ability to play as well as UCLA did last night to stop CMac.

UCLA's flaws are fatal, but with the South so volatile, I still think they could win the division at like 8-4/9-3. Not good enough to play on New Year's, but a respectable season at the end. But man, the offense is bad right now, and the running game is a hot mess.

Jack Follman: I'm late too, but I think Stanford is head and shoulders above the rest of the North. Washington looked just like a slightly-better version of last year's team to me (which is what I thought they would be), and even if they upset Stanford Friday, will probably drop 3 games, most likely on the road. South seems like a UCLA/Utah battle to me and I will give UCLA the edge because they play in Pasadena

Colorado could definitely win the South. Will they? I don't think so, but I do love their schedule. I think things will get a little tougher for them as the season goes on and teams start to take them more seriously as well