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Pac-12 Network: More Original Programming In 2013

The conference of champions will have more studio shows set up for the 2013 regular season.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 Network didn't have a huge operating budget to work with in its first season of operation in San Francisco, so naturally there wasn't a lot of emphasis put on original programming. Focus was rightly placed on broadcasting the sporting events that would attract a lion's share of the attention.

That'll change in the 2013 season. More original programming is on the way.

  • Football year-round. Every week there will be a show dedicated to Pac-12 football, airing weekly on Sunday nights. Usually Pac-12 Rewind took up this spot during the football regular season where they recapped the games from the previous day, but it seems the coverage will be more dedicated starting this fall. Expect more coach and player profiles, more video coverage, more everything.
  • There will be a show each week dedicated to Olympic coverage. It'll be interesting to see how they compress all the sports into a one hour show. One can only hope they do it Wide World of Sports style.
  • Expect 200 more events (550 to 750), which could mean that the national and regional feeds start diversifying in what they end up broadcasting.

Also, more Rick Neuheisel in a multi-year exclusive deal. This should be great news to the millions of Neuheisel fans storming the streets of San Francisco as we speak (He is really good on television though, so this is a no-brainer for the conference).

All in all, expect the Pac-12 Network to star to take on more of a distinctive personality in year two, particularly with more