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Pac-12 Networks Presents Varsity Days

Relive the past era of Pac-12 football!

For those waiting for some original Pac-12 Network programming, it's on its way this season!

The footage that's been processed looks great and should give plenty of the conference historian buffs plenty of cool stuff to look at this season. Also there are some nice little notes and fun facts that give the added documentarian/potpourri feel. It all looks very professional and I'm sure it should attract plenty of attention from the older Pac-12 fans that the network would like to target and anchor into their programming outside of live TV.

This isn't quite as awesome as the quality of NFL Films footage, but for Pac-12 aficionados this comes pretty close. It's a positive step for the conference.

More from the press release.

For the most part, Varsity Days is simply a collection of re-airings from originally produced programs of decades past. One episode is a reproduction of a season-review show from the 1951 Pacific Coast Conference football season. The shows are primarily season-reviews of the conference or specific teams, focusing on football and men’s basketball.

“It’s just fun to talk about the history of the Pac-12,” Pac-12 Networks producer Bob Schmelzle said. “Dan Fouts played at Oregon, but how many people out there have actually seen highlights of him playing there? For the networks, it helps embrace our history.”

Above is Dan Fouts, Ahmad Rashad, and the 1970 Oregon Ducks. Below is Jim Plunkett and the 1969 Stanford Indians (yes, they were called that once. Pretty crappy deal there.) Enjoy what you see?