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Pac-12 Football Network Announcers 2013: Yogi Roth In The Booth

The Pac-12 Network isn't changing too much this season with regards to its football broadcasting personalities.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 Network isn't changing too much in terms of its football announcing lineup. Ted Robinson and Glenn Parker will remain the number one announcing crew in 2013. Kevin Calabro is the trusty number two announcer. Cal radio announcer Roxy Bernstein and Bright House Sports Network personality JB Long (who did Pac-12 stuff last year too) will fill in for the third and fourth spots in the rotation when needed, which will primarily be the first several weeks of the season.

The most notable changes:

Yogi Roth is moving up from sideline work into the booth as Calabro's analyst. Good job by Yogi, who is one of the bright young personalities in college football (and has that totally laidback "Win Forever" thing going for him).

Dave Flemming was an announcer for the Pac-12 Network, but it looks like he's not back for football. You'd have to guess he's moving onto full-time duties with ESPN as a college basketball analyst (and he might be back for hoops season for the Pac-12 Network, we'll see) and the San Francisco Giants. Flemming also recently resigned his duties as Stanford's radio analyst.

Anthony Herron will join Roxy Bernstein as his analyst. Herron has done occasional work for numerous college football productions on various networks.

Jeremy Bloom will be back to assist with Long as the analyst, then figures to join Mike Yam, Rick Neuheisel and Curtis Conway in the studio during pregame and postgame coverage every Saturday. Neuheisel was the breakout star for the Pac-12 Network last year, so the more they feature him, the better.

How many improvements can the network make announcing-wise this season? It looks as if familiarity will be the look the conference goes for.