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Pac-12 Network, AT&T U-Verse On Verge Of Deal?

There seem to be clues that the Pac-12 Network are ready to add on another crucial carrier and put more pressure on DirecTV to carry the channel.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

The Pac-12 has banked on a deal with AT&T U-Verse for most of this season, and it appears carriage is on the horizon. A hat-tip to Pacific Takes commenter Redonkulous Bear for the news:

AT&T U-Verse hasn't officially announced they have a carriage agreement with Pac-12 networks. As of today PAC-12 networks is showing up on my U-Verse online program guide and Titan TV's program guide.

They aren't on the on screen program guide on the TV yet though.

Pac-12 will be on HD on 1759, 1760, and 1761
SD on 759, 760, 761

Hope you can get this to someone interested in writing about it.

P.S. I don't know if AT&T will take this down if they find out people know about this.

In any case I used the following guides running in google chrome incognito mode:

on uverseonline enter your zipcode

on titantv:

choose digital cable and at&t uverse channel lineup should show up

And there it is.


We have channels 1759, 1760, 1761 on HD (probably for overflow possibilities a la Dish), and 759, 760, 761 on SD.

U-Verse signing on to carry the Pac-12 Network would present another strong alternative for viewers stuck in regions that do not have any of the cable providers that carry the bundle of channels. DirecTV would have held a firmer hand in their negotiations with the Pac-12 if they were able to stymie other services from picking up the network, but plenty of carriers are seizing the opportunity to leapfrog in and try and steal customers away.

DirecTV will have to hope that they can hold on to their customer base, because otherwise they're in deep danger of hurting themselves in negotiating down the price.