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Stanford Football: David Shaw Keeping Cardinal Nation Happy

Stanford head coach David Shaw is generally keeping Cardinal fans happy.

Ezra Shaw

Are you coming around on David Shaw? Or are there still things you're looking for him to improve upon as head coach?

Hank Waddles, Go Mighty Card: I think I'm in the minority, but I've never really wavered in my support of Coach Shaw. I've had some minor issues with his play calling this season, but in general I think he's done a good job. By slowly integrating Kevin Hogan into the offense, he actually managed to switch quarterbacks without any drama at all. Instead of pulling Nunes, he simply allowed Hogan to grow into the job. Shaw is either brilliant, or he got incredibly lucky.

The interesting thing about Shaw is that the things I'd like to change about him are things that I know will never ever change. I'd love it if he could be more forthcoming about injuries. I'd like to see him go for it on fourth down -- a lot. Now that Hogan is the starter, I'd like him to ditch the wildcat. But even though these things aren't going to change, I still believe David Shaw is the best man for this job.

Scott Allen, Rule of Tree: My opinion of Shaw, which has always been pretty favorable, hasn't changed much over the last two years. I still think he botched the Fiesta Bowl by playing for a field goal at the end of regulation and I haven't always agreed with his play calling this season, but he and his staff haven't skipped a beat on the recruiting trail and the team is in the running for a third straight BCS bowl. Some might blame Shaw for sticking with Josh Nunes for too long, but I'll take his word for it that Kevin Hogan wasn't ready to take the full reins of the offense out of fall camp.