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Stanford Football: Kevin Hogan Is The Man Now

Kevin Hogan takes over as the Stanford starting quarterback, and Rule Of Tree and Go Mighty Card both seem pretty happy with the development.

Doug Pensinger

Well, Kevin Hogan eh? Is he that much better than Josh Nunes, and what makes him better?

Scott Allen, Rule of Tree: The Colorado defense has a way of making opposing quarterbacks look like Heisman contenders, so I'm not ready to declare Kevin Hogan leaps and bounds better than Josh Nunes. Still, he was pretty awesome on Saturday. Hogan's accuracy stood out against the Buffaloes. His short passes were on the money, his deep throws were on the money, and he didn't have any facepalm-inducing incompletions that I can remember. Nunes has made some difficult throws this season, but he's been terribly inaccurate. Hogan's also a better runner than Nunes, which makes him more dangerous on the bootleg.

Hank Waddles, Go Mighty Card: I'm ready. Leaps and bounds, baby. Leaps and bounds. Yes, I realize that we're talking about the Colorado Buffaloes and a defense that's been more like an End Zone Welcoming Committee than anything else, but it was Hogan's confidence and execution that really stood out for me on Saturday. I never felt comfortable watching the Stanford offense under Nunes, regardless of the situation, but third down was always the worst. Whether it was 3rd and 2 or 3rd and 12, I had zero confidence that they could sustain the drive. With Hogan, everything changed. He ran with authority on the read-option, hit his receivers with accuracy when asked to pass, and scrambled confidently when plays broke down. We certainly can't expect as effortless a performance for the offense against Oregon State, but at least we can expect something. It's been ten months since I've been this excited about Stanford Football, and it feels good.

With Hogan at quarterback, do you still think you have a shot at winning the Pac-12 North?

Hank Waddles, Go Mighty Card: Okay, now it's time for a dose of caution and reality. I think we should win this weekend against Oregon State, but Oregon is perhaps the scariest team I've ever seen. Do we have a shot at upsetting the Ducks? Certainly we do, but I'd put it at about 10%.

Scott Allen, Rule of Tree: Again, I agree with Hank. I like the Cardinal's chances at home against Oregon State and in the final game of the regular season at UCLA, but winning in Eugene on Nov. 17? Get back to me after Kevin Hogan faces a real defense. Stanford's own nasty defense gives me hope, but the Ducks look unstoppable right now.