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NFL Draft preview, Stanford edition: Josh Garnett, Austin Hooper, Blake Martinez big targets

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Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Which Stanford Cardinal prospects are likely to get picked early? It's not like the past few years where Cardinal littered the draft board, but there are some special players that could go in the 2016 draft. Let's take a look.

Offensive guard Josh Garnett, second to third round pick: Garnett isn't quite the slam dunk that he looked like going into the draft combine, but he's still a mighty fine talent to try and mold and develop later on in the draft. Garnett is the purest power run blocker in every sense and will be pounding football players into the ground in fairly short order.

Tight end Austin Hooper, second to fourth round pick: The NFL is always going to want quality tight ends, and no school produces better products at the position than Stanford. Expect Austin Hooper to benefit from this phenomena by being picked higher than you would have imagined he would have gone at this time a year ago.

Linebacker Blake Martinez, third to fifth round pick: Martinez is very much an Eric Kendricks do-it-all type. Nothing about him wows you at first glance, except the fact that he's everywhere on tape. Expect Martinez to be a pleasant surprise in the NFL to whichever team sneaks up and grabs him late.