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Stanford predicted to win the Pac-12 by the media for first time; UCLA the South

Is this another year to Fear the Tree?

Harry How/Getty Images

The Stanford Cardinal now find themselves in the role of preseason favorites. How will they handle that role?

Stanford is predicted to win the Pac-12 along with the North Division of the conference for the first time ever by the college football media. For the rest of the North, Washington finishes a surprising second in polling, with Oregon third, Washington State fourth, Cal fifth and Oregon State sixth.

The UCLA Bruins edge out the USC Trojans for victory in the south in a very narrow vote for rule of the South. Utah is third, Arizona fourth, Arizona State fifth, and Colorado sixth.

North Division South Division
1. Stanford (24) 186 1. UCLA (19) 180
2. Washington (8) 163 2. USC (12) 173
3. Oregon (1) 132 3. Utah (2) 127
4. Washington State 112 4. Arizona 87
5. California 67 5. Arizona State 85
6. Oregon State 33 6. Colorado 63

PAC-12 TITLE GAME CHAMPION: Stanford (20 votes)

Others receiving votes: USC (5), Washington (4), UCLA (3), Utah (1)