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Solomon Thomas potential top two draft pick for 49ers?

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NCAA Football: Sun Bowl-Stanford vs North Carolina Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford Cardinal defensive lineman Solomon Thomas is almost certainly going to be the first Pac-12 player off the board in 2017. Although there isn’t a clear consensus as to where he’s supposed to go, Thomas has attracted a lot of attention for his future capabilities of what he could bring.

2nd pick from the San Francisco 49ers (SB Nation): “The 49ers have been doing a lot of late work on quarterbacks, so what happens here is still something of a mystery. It could be an elaborate ruse to orchestrate a trade down. If the 49ers stick here and don’t take a quarterback, Thomas is a good system fit.”

General scouting report from Stephen White: “This dude is physically gifted, and he checks off the boxes in just about every category you could want when it comes to measurables. Maybe you might want him to be just a tad bit taller, but hell, that would be nitpicking.

Thomas' combination of size and athletic ability means that he should have a lot of position versatility as well as scheme versatility. He played anywhere from zero nose to a wide five on the left side in the tape that I watched, and he flashed at damn near every possible spot.”