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UCLA Football vs. WSU: Bruins Try To Avoid Trap Game In Pullman

The UCLA Bruins try to avoid a trap in Pullman when they take on the Washington State Cougars.

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

Let's look ahead to UCLA's weekend against Washington State. What are the keys to beating the Cougars?

gbruin, Bruins Nation: Focus. The Cougars are clearly struggling, and with the way Coach Leach called out his team Saturday night, they will be hungry to come back against UCLA. The Bruins will need to match that intensity in a hostile environment on what should be a pretty cold night, and maintain it through the night. The Bruins win the matchups on paper. It's up to them to bring the effort and urgency to translate that to the field.

Ryan Rosenblatt, Bruins Nation: Simply, UCLA needs to show up. That's not to disrespect Washington St., but it's my biggest concern about the Bruins because this is exactly the type of game that they haven't shown up before. One thing that will be interesting is how the UCLA defense approaches the game because Mike Leach likes to get the ball out quickly and the Bruin pass defense can be had. Do the Bruins try to bring heat and possibly get beat by the quick pass or do they drop linebackers in coverage and make the Cougars sort through a bunch of different reads?

What's your prediction for UCLA vs. WSU and why?

gbruin, Bruins Nation: Call me crazy for drinking the blue and gold Kool-Aid, but this Bruins team is showing an intensity and consistency we haven't seen before, and the Bruins have better players than Washington State right now. Putting those together, I think they keep their eyes on the immediate and play well in Pullman. U.C.L.A. 41, WSU 17

Ryan Rosenblatt, Bruins Nation: I think the Bruins will come out with fire and take an early lead, but I'm still not 100% sold on them playing a full 60 minutes on the road. There is a major talent advantage for the Bruins, but when they let up the Cougs will cut their lead. Eventually, though, talent will win out and UCLA will turn it on late for a 45-28 win.