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UCLA Football: Bruins Target Pac-12 South Crown

The UCLA Bruins will be looking to move one step closer to a Pac-12 South crown with a victory over the Arizona Wildcats. We talk with Ryan Rosenblatt and gbruin of Bruins Nation as well as Punting Is Winning for more info.


How much optimism do you now have that UCLA could pull out the Pac-12 South crown?

Ryan Rosenblatt, Bruins Nation: I'm more confident today than I was last week. That the Bruins could lose to Arizona, Washington St. or Stanford and win the South so long as they do not lose to USC and Arizona St. loses a game is comforting.

There is still one big problem, though -- the UCLA corner backs. Their struggles make the Trojans a terrible match-up because of Marqise Lee and Robert Woods, even if I don't think USC is much better than UCLA.

gbruin, Bruins Nation: Well, it's one of those could vs should sort of things. We're overly optimistic as far as Bruin fans go, as we always think the Bruins could and should win these sort of things. After the Cal game, I thought it was a longshot, but the ASU win showed what our team can do. Each of our remaining games is definitely winnable, but we will have to play our best game to do so. The concern is that we haven't seen that kind of season-long consistency from our football team in a while. How the Bruins finish this season will say a lot about whether things have really changed in Westwood. Looking across the line, Southern Cal and ASU both some tough conference matchups left while UofA looks to have the easiest route. That makes this weekend's game really key for winning the South. But we control our own destiny and we can definitely finish this out, but the next game is probably the biggest game on the schedule.

Punting Is Winning: I said it before on Pac12 takes and I will say it again. Read my keyboard. NO NEW PREDICTIONS. I see a 8-4 season for the Bruins with one win over the Arizona schools and wins over Washington State and Stanford to finish out the season. Will that be enough? I think we will be right there in the race for the Pac 12 South title till the end.