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UCLA Football: Bruins Make Pac-12 South Statement In Romping Arizona

The UCLA Bruins did just about everything right in beating up the Arizona Wildcats this weekend.

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

Damnnnnnnn. What a performance. What were the aspects that most impressed you about how UCLA handled Arizona?

gbruin, Bruins Nation: I expected our offense to score points, but our defense blew me away. Holding the UofA offense to 10 points was amazing. The front 7 did a good job getting pressure on Matt Scott and containing the run, and our much maligned secondary did a really good job defending the pass. It was also really encouraging to see the Bruins come out fast and never let up. There may be a tendency to ease off on the gas when there is that big a lead early, but I really like the way the team played for 60 minutes, no matter the score.

Ryan Rosenblatt, Bruins Nation: Everything? I think it is tough to point out anything in particular when literally everything the Bruins did went well. The offensive line was excellent, which stands out more because it is sometimes a weak spot on the team, but they weren't necessarily better than anyone else. Everyone was great. One thing that did stand out, and this credit goes to the scout team and coaches, is how ready the defense was for Arizona's offense. They did a great job making sure the Bruins were prepared for that in practice?

Are there any improvements the Bruins made between last week against ASU and this week against Arizona that you noticed?

gbruin, Bruins Nation: The biggest difference was just the team's execution. Particularly, the defense didn't get stuck in a bad rotation early as they did against ASU and was effective from the start. The coaches continued to focus on things that worked. The team showed resilience and played 60 minutes in both games. For years, we have seen the Bruins go up and down throughout a season. It is encouraging how this season they have generally kept trending up week to week.

Ryan Rosenblatt, Bruins Nation: There weren't any major scheme improvements. The big difference was execution, which was near perfect against the Wildcats. The offense played faster, which was important because it had been getting slower week by week. The blocking schemes were just a little crisper and giving guys the chance to get to the second level. The receivers didn't drop any balls and defensively they wrapped up, which killed UCLA against ASU. The improvement was just in the basics and making sure the fundamentals were taken care of. They were and then some on Saturday.