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UCLA starting quarterback Josh Rosen nicknamed "J-Chosen" by teammates

Good tidbits on Rosen.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Kaufman has a great feature on UCLA starting quarterback Josh Rosen you should read from the Orange County Register. Lots of great tidbits on Rosen and how his unusual upbringing has made him one of the most hyped true freshmen in college football.

  • Kenny Stills practiced with Rosen when he was 16 and was an All-American wideout in Oklahoma, and was already raving about him in high school.
  • UCLA teammates have given him the nickname "J-Chosen". Modest.
  • Rosen wrote a psychology paper to counter the idea of happiness with the thesis, "Is happiness real, or are you just more content than you were the day before?"
  • Rosen was outspoken at the Elite 11 with Trent Dilfer and had public disagreements that made Dilfer question Rosen's ability to be coached.
  • Rosen was rumored to lose his Stanford scholarship offer for being unpleasantly domineering at junior camp.
  • Rosen openly admits his arrogance: "I'm too confident for my own good at times."
  • His high school math teacher was quick to admit he has an ego.
  • Rosen was raised by Ivy League parents. He played chess with his father and bridge with his mother.
  • He started playing tennis when he was two and was ranked second in the 12-and-under circuit in Southern California before switching to football.