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NFL Mock Draft, UCLA edition: Myles Jack 1st round, Kenny Clark 2nd, Paul Perkins mid-range

Where are the UCLA Bruins being taken?

Harry How/Getty Images

A bunch of UCLA Bruins are expected to be drafted this season. Let's take a look at where the Bruins are being selected.

Linebacker Myles Jack, first round prospect: Jack is one of the most talented linebackers to come out of the Pac-12 since...well, the last Pac-12 linebacker to come out of UCLA, Anthony Barr.  Jack is just too talented for a lottery team not to pass on his talents, particularly one looking for a potential ten year prospect at the position.

Defensive tackle Kenny Clark, second round prospect: Someone will get a steal in getting Clark in the second round. One of the best run defenders in the Pac-12 the last few seasons, Clark is the type of sleeper talent that could eventually blossom into an all-pro in the right situation.

Offensive guard Caleb Benenoch, second to third round: UCLA's offensive line was never known as their strong suit, but the difference between having Benenoch and not having him was gaping. UCLA went from being totally lost on the offensive front to being at least able to hold their own against the best in the conference, and Benenoch figures to be a solid guard at the next level.

Running back Paul Perkins, third to fifth round: Unclear where the shifty Perkins ends up, but he has always been one of the most underrated players in the conference and could become part of a very solid rotation at the next level. Perkins managed to put up yards when given the space to operate.

Next time with UCLA, we'll look at the fringier prospects who might be selected in the later round.