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NCAA South Region bracket: UCLA Bruins a 3 seed to face Kent State in Sacramento

Big time.

NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The UCLA Bruins are currently a three seed in the NCAA Tournament in the South bracket. They will face Kent State in the first round in Sacramento in what should be one of the easier games on the table.

But then things get hard. Rather quickly.

For a trip to the Sweet 16, UCLA will have to beat one of these three squads: Cincinnati, Wake Forest or Kansas State. The Bruins are better than all of those teams, but not by a huge amount.

After that, their Sweet 16 matchup is looking like a fight to the death. Wichita State or Kentucky are their likely foes, and both of them are top ten caliber squads. In Memphis, that is literally a road game for the Bruins.

And if they survive that? North Carolina is their likely Elite Eight opponent. Best of luck Bruins. If you make the Final Four, you’ll have certainly earned it.