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UCLA forward T.J. Leaf picked 18th by Indiana Pacers

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NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The UCLA Bruins saw two of their best jump to the pros in the first round of the 2017 NBA draft. First it was Lonzo Ball going to the Los Angeles Lakers with the second overall pick. Then TJ Leaf got selected midway through the first.

More from our Niels Pineda on Leaf:

Ultimately, TJ Leaf is a stellar prospect who has the potential of making an impact on whichever team decides to draft him. His range alone makes him an intriguing prospect, but combined with his versatile offensive arsenal, it is easy to see why his stock has been on the rise. That being said, the concerns about his transition to the NBA are legitimate. His average size and speed may prove to be problematic on the offensive end, and his lack of defense is a red flag. Should he be able to get stronger and adjust to the speed of the game at the professional level, which is definitely possible given his work ethic and understanding of the game, he has the potential to be an absolute steal in the draft.