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Does UCLA alum Jonah Bolden fit well with the Philadelphia 76ers?

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UCLA Bruins alumni Jonah Bolden took a winding path to get to the Philadelphia 76ers. What does the fit look like for him in the capital of the Process?

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Bolden played only one season at UCLA due to NCAA eligibility issues out of high school, which forced him to sit out a season. It was widely speculated last summer that the reason Bolden opted to leave UCLA and turn pro after last year’s NBA Draft. It was certainly a strange series of events.

The end result was that Bolden played the season professionally in Europe where he tore up the Adriatic League in Serbia.

Jonah Bolden 'natural fit for style of game 76ers intend to play' [Nick Metallinos, ESPN]: “Bolden believes his game will be a natural fit for the style of game the 76ers intend to play.

"With Ben being able to create off the rebound, Markelle brings it up and creates. We've just got a long team, and I feel like I'll fit well. Coach Brown is great at also giving his players freedom and believing in their abilities to play within in that system."

Jonah Bolden took a strange path, but now among familiar faces with Sixers [Paul Hudrick, CSN Philly]: “Coming from UCLA going to my first year professionally was a big difference," Bolden said at the Sixers' practice facility Friday. "Coming from the American style of play to the European style was also a big difference — the physicality, the speed of the game kind of slowed down. IQ level was a lot higher. There was an adjustment phase. Once I got through that, it was kind of a smooth ride."“