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USC Football: How They Can Beat Colorado

What do the USC Trojans have to do to beat the Colorado Buffaloes? I'd guess show up.

Otto Greule Jr

Show up.

Wear uniforms and helmets. Pads could be useful.

Call plays. Actually, that might not be need. Matt Barkley could just audible for the "throw to Marqise Lee" three or four dozen times.

Put 11 men on the field on every play. 11th man might be optional.

Basically, don't get the entire team injured. That would be a bad idea.

Play for all 60 minutes. Don't take a minute off. Well, maybe one minute off wouldn't be so bad. I'd imagine 15 minutes is a cut-off.

Not move prior to the snap. At least one or two times

Be prepped to play that fight song on every play, just in case people forget which school it is.

Bonus if they win by running Student Body Right on every play.

Start prepping for the next opponent by the second quarter. Getting into a long, protracted battle with the Buffs is just not something you want to do.