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USC Football: For Trojans, It's BCS Or Bust

For the USC Trojans, they need to make the BCS as either the Pac-12 champions or as an at-large bid. Trevor Wong of Conquest Chronicles explains.


When you look at USC going ahead, what do they have to do to have a satisfying season in your estimation? Win the conference? Earn a BCS at-large bid?

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles:
Nothing but a trip to the BCS title game will be a satisfying season because that's what most people expected and wanted when Matt Barkley announced he was returning for one more year. That's the whole reason how this "unfinished business" phrase got going, right? I think to top off last year, though, they need to win the conference and beat Oregon again at the very least. After that, I guess the computers have some say in what happens next. Honestly, though, if the Trojans fall short, I can't call the season a failure. Considering where the team was a couple years ago, Kiffin and his staff have done quite the job of turning the program around. Of course, it would be nice to see the senior class leave on the highest of notes, but storybook endings don't always happen.

How would you say the USC defense matches up against the Arizona offense? Do they have the personnel to hold the spread down the way that Oregon did, or will they have problems?

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles: This will be USC's first real test against an offense of that caliber, and it'll come on the road, too. They certainly have the personnel to combat the spread, with smaller, quicker linebackers, and the Trojans match up well with any team in the conference because of their talent and experience. But let's remember that the Wildcats actually played USC close last year at the Coliseum, losing by just a touchdown. If the Trojans have even the slightest of troubles either defending or scoring on Arizona, it could be a good barometer of how they'll fare against Oregon in a couple weeks.