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USC Football: Trojans Regroup For Arizona State

The USC Trojans try to get back on track for the Arizona State Sun Devils. Many USC writers from Conquest Chronicles, Reign of Troy & Trojan Empire seem pretty optimistic.

Stephen Dunn

Look ahead to USC's matchup with Arizona State. What do the Trojans have to do to best the Sun Devils?

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles - The Trojans need to play error-free football, which includes cutting down on the penalties, personal fouls and turnovers. They also have to move on from their most recent losses and accept the reality of what the rest of their season holds.

Anthony Nelson, Trojan Empire - Focus on the opponent standing before them. USC can't afford to dwell on the recent loss or look ahead to the two big rivalry games that follow Arizona State.

Josh Webb, FightOnTwist - Honestly? The Trojans just need to play their game. Arizona State is still in a rebuilding process and they have been overwhelmed by potent offensive teams. If you remove FCS' Northern Arizona (8-1), Arizona State's wins come over opponents who have a combined record 10-27. This isn't a team that has been one of the stronger teams in the Pac-12 and the Trojans should win this game if they play mistake-free, focused football

DC Trojan, Conquest Chronicles - pass the ball, keep the penalties to a minimum for the second week in a row, and try to avoid imploding on defense.

What's your score prediction for USC-ASU and why?

Josh Webb, FightOnTwist - ASU gives up around 40+ points when they take on a high-powered offense. If USC plays a full 60 minutes of mistake-free football, I predict that the Trojans should win somewhere in the neighborhood of 48-23.

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles - USC rebounds in a big way, with the offense looking as good as it has over the last couple weeks, and the defense rebounding to shut down Arizona State. The Trojans take this one easily, with the outcome never in doubt. I'm calling it USC 45-17.

Anthony Nelson, Trojan Empire - Arizona State is a reeling football team in the midst of a second half season collapse for the second straight year. I have the Trojans winning big at home, USC 44, ASU 17

DC Trojan, Conquest Chronicles - ASU is vulnerable to passing. USC is pretty good at passing. Even allowing for a resurgence of pointless running plays and penalties, I think SC should be able to win this by 2 scores, even if the defense is still suffering from the aftereffects of the Oregon game.