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Lane Kiffin Hot Seat: USC Trojans Coach In Trouble With More Defeats?

Should Lane Kiffin be on the hot seat if USC drops games to either UCLA or Notre Dame?

Stephen Dunn

There is some talk that Lane Kiffin's job could be in danger if he drops two or three more games. Would you agree that it's time to part ways?

Josh Webb - FightOnTwist: Funny you mention that, check out my newest piece on ReignOfTroy: USC & Alabama Linked Together In History By Sanctions.

With USC still facing sanctions for the next two years and the lack of current big name coaching prospects, finding a replacement would be no small undertaking for the University of Southern California.

Of course, this begs the question: Would the replacement do a better job than the current coaching staff?

The biggest argument for Kiffin is that he does a fantastic job recruiting, while the argument against that USC recruits itself. There is no doubt that USC recruits itself, but is that going to be enough to guarantee the success of a replacement coach? Some people feel that it would be, but others feel like Kiffin’s ability to sell young men more than other coaches is a game-changer.

DC Trojan - Conquest Chronicles. I have very mixed feelings about this. I think Lane Kiffin has done a good job at things like scholarship / roster management, he's a good recruiter, and he plainly wants to do the right thing and do well. On the other hand, he's made a series of distractions solely by himself, and ones that play into the biases of detractors. There's plainly room for growth in play-calling and basic training. At the same time, the _players_ are holding up, staying out of trouble (so far), and SC is still 7 - 3 with a couple of decent matchups left in the regular season. All that said, I think it's premature to part ways, but I would hope that Kiffins father and son sit down to review where they might need help with coaching, and that Haden lends a hand with direction.