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USC Football: Is Monte Kiffin Running Out Of Time?

After being shredded two weeks in a row by Arizona and Oregon, has USC Trojans defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin run out of time? USC writers discuss his fate.

Stephen Dunn

Is this the end for Monte Kiffin? Or do you think Lane will do his best to keep his dad around?

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles - Fans would like to think it's the end, but it probably won't be until the sanctions are over. From a coaching standpoint, I've always been a firm believer in adapting to your players' abilities. That being said, it's obvious the last two games the Tampa 2 doesn't really fit the defensive unit's strengths, and it clearly doesn't fit the college game, especially against spread offenses.

Anthony Nelson, Trojan Empire - I saw a lot of people calling for Monte Kiffin's head after the loss, but that is just one half of the proposed solution. I didn't see the names of any possible successors in the "quick fix" theory. Some of the best defensive minds currently hold head coaching positions. So in the midst of postgame anger, I wonder if people are asking for "anyone but Monte" or if they actually have a target in mind. I think Monte Kiffin has only reached his end if Haden is eyeing a candidate worthy of a pitch. I currently see no such candidate, other than DeWayne Walker, who may be coaching his final season at New Mexico State.

Josh Webb, FightOnTwist - Monte is not the dictator on defense that people perceive him to be. Marvin Sanders, the defensive backs coach, actually has quite a bit of input on the defensive schemes leading into each game. Most people seem to think that Monte and Lane run the ship and everyone else just defers to them. That's not the case. Haden would never allow that to be the case. Part of the reason that Haden has stuck with Kiffin and never entertained these meltdowns is that he and Kiffin have agreed as to what the big picture should be. Changes might be coming, but it won't be because the fans are calling for it. Kiffin & Haden planned for this situation a long time ago.

DC Trojan, Conquest Chronicles - It's not working for Monte. If they want to keep him around for recruiting purposes in Florida - not a bad idea on defense - then there might be a move to find a less "hands on" role. Or he may just retire because he's older and doesn't need this. It's just hard to shake the impression that this general Cover 2 approach is going to work better against the likes of Oregon and Arizona than it has to date.