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USC Football: Could Trojans Win A Rematch With Oregon?

If the USC Trojans get back to the Pac-12 Championship, could they win a rematch with the Oregon Ducks?

Robert Laberge

Based on what you've seen from the first matchup, do you think USC can win a potential rematch with Oregon?

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles - Yes, the Trojans certainly can. Had USC won the first matchup, I think it would have been a lot more difficult to beat Oregon twice. But if not for a couple costly mistakes, the Trojans were - for the most part - in the game and within striking distance. As bad as the defense looked, everybody now knows USC can slug it out with Oregon. Even if Monte Kiffin's unit plays a little bit better and forces Oregon to punt a couple times, the Trojans have a real chance at taking a potential rematch.

Anthony Nelson, Trojan Empire - What you're basically asking is if USC can beat Oregon in Eugene. My answer is "yes", but obvious changes must be made. It begins with scrapping the defensive game plan from Saturday. As embarrassing as it was to watch, the Trojans were only 2 or 3 defensive stops away from a victory. It managed to stop Oregon just once in the loss, and that didn't come until the fourth quarter. What we basically learned in round 1 is that USC can go toe-to-toe scoring with the Ducks, but that isn't what you want to do, especially in Eugene. You need your defense to step up and limit the opponent's scoring, while your offense commands the clock and the game. When Oregon is allowed to dictate the pace, there aren't many programs in America that stand a chance of winning.

Josh Webb, FightOnTwist - Not only can they, but I think they will. I've been suspicious of either teams' ability to defeat the other one twice since before the year began. Lane Kiffin & Chip Kelly are some of the more brilliant minds in the game and they tend to learn from the the previous experience. Not only that, but I can't recall a time in NCAA history that a freshman has run the gauntlet in a season. I could be wrong, but I don't think it's ever happened. First year QB's have won titles, but they weren't freshmen. They say that every team has to have one of those defining moments in a title season. Well, Mariota hasn't had his yet. Despite what Oregon fans might think, Mariota has never had to fight in the same fashion that A.J. McCarron had to fight against LSU on Saturday night. I truly believe this Oregon team can win a title, but I really do believe USC can win if--that's the big thing people seem to be forgetting--they can get another shot at Oregon in the Pac-12 title game.

DC Trojan, Conquest Chronicles - USC proved it's within a reasonable margin of error for beating Oregon, but I don't know that I'd put money on it. A late season cold game with rain could wreak havoc with the passing game and then where would we be? In dry conditions, sure, in wet cold conditions, I think the defense would still struggle, and so would the offense. That would be too much.