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USC Football: Matt Barkley NFL Draft Stock Drop Due To Lane Kiffin?

Did the poor coaching of Lane Kiffin drop the NFL Draft stock of Matt Barkley?

Jeff Gross

Some at the combine were suggesting that poor coaching may have played a large part in Matt Barkley's draft stock plummeting over the course of the 2012 season. Do you think there is any truth in this theory?

NorcalNick, California Golden Blogs: Poor coaching in what sense? Matt Barkley was an incredibly productive quarterback at USC, and when the Trojans lost games he wasn't the culpable party. Perhaps USC's coaching staff didn't adequately prepare him for the NFL. Unless USC has officially become a minor league team, that's not their job. Their job was to prepare Barkley to throw for lots of yards and lots of touchdowns. By that measure, they were quite successful.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Well, the fact that he had to play from behind more than he would have liked and force things due to the fact that their defense probably wasn't coached to adjust to hurry-up offenses probably didn't help, but mainly I just think he was throwing too many bad passes.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: Poor coaching, sure. But I think the biggest culprit was USC's offensive line play. Barkley isn't the most mobile guy, and he was running for his life all season.