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Steve Sarkisian mixed meds and alcohol before USC event incident, will go into treatment

Sark addressed the media on Tuesday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Quick tidbits.

  • Steve Sarkisian apologized for his actions on Saturday night: "The way I acted was irresponsible and something I don't condone. It's a hard time."
  • Sarkisian admits there was medication involved with the liquor. "I was not right and I think the moral of the story is when you mix mess with alcohol, you say things you regret."
  • Sarkisian on rehab: "I'm not proud of the things that have occurred for me, but I know I'm a good coach & I know we're going to be a good football team."
  • Sark on USC: "I know I'm a good football coach and we're going to be a good football team."
  • Sarkisian has vowed that he will not drink this  season.
  • Sarkisian on alcohol being banned from the locker room: "There was never alcohol in the player's locker room. There was alcohol in our coach's locker room after great wins. There won't be alcohol in this building ever again."
  • As punishment, Sarkisian went through player punishment that included conditioning such as up-downs. "Hard lessons", as they're called.
  • Cody Kessler on Sarkisian: ""That's our head coach. He came to us as a man, looked us in the face & told us some things. That's hard to do."
  • Su'a Cravens on Sarkisian: "Everybody makes mistakes. That's our coach. We're focused on the season ahead."

Full press conference video below.