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Morgan Breslin, former Trojan defensive end, suing USC for misleading him about insurance policy

The former Trojan defensive end did not receive adequate insurance coverage for health issues from his time at the university.

George Frey/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Daily News is reporting that former USC Trojans defensive end Morgan Breslin has filed a complaint with the university. Breslin claims that USC provided him with inadequate coverage for health issues sustained while playing for the Trojans.

The suit claims that Breslin was injured while playing for USC in 2013, limiting his ability to play professional football. Breslin had obtained an insurance policy in early 2013 through an NCAA program that allowed for athletes to remain in school to complete their degree (and of course compete on the football field) and would ensure that athletes would at least have the knowledge that they would have some insurance in case of health problems.

The policy that Breslin bought is apparently now being considered void. He made the claim in May 2014 and was denied it seven months later. SC apparently never notified the insurance underwriters about Breslin's injury and did not inform Breslin about this either.