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Lifelong blind USC fan Jake Olson walks onto the Trojans as a long snapper

Go Jake!

Jeff Golden/Getty Images

A very special moment for an awesome human being. Jake Olson has been a fan of the USC Trojans forever, and now he will get to realize his dream and play for them this season as a four year player.

Olson has had retinoblastoma since his birth, a cancer of the retina. He lost one eye at 10 months and the right eye was removed when he was 12 years old. He became a USC fan at the time and watched many Trojan games in person thanks to Pete Carroll and the USC family, and Carroll and Olson have stayed in touch since then (Olson has gone to multiple Seahawk games to inspire the team there too).

Since then, Olson has worked to become a football player by finding a skill that is super useful: Longsnapper. He walked onto the team at Orange Lutheran and played plenty for them, and eventually was admitted to USC with his impressive academic, extracurricular, and athletic accomplishments.

Now, he's a USC Trojan for real. Read the full story from the Los Angeles Times.