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Athlon: Reggie Bush, Ronnie Lott, USC Trojans dominate top 50 college football players list

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California v USC Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

The Pac-12 had 11 players from their conference end up in a top 50 list from Athlon! Let’s see which legends ended up where.

47. Marcus Mariota, Oregon Ducks (2012-14). It’s a little shocking to see Mariota this low. The Heisman Trophy winner dragged Oregon to a national title game with the Ducks getting injured left and right.

42. Jonathan Ogden, UCLA Bruins (1992-97). One of the greatest offensive lineman in college football history.

38. Matt Leinart, USC Trojans (2003-05). Leinart was impossible to stop in college with the talent he had around him.

33. John Elway, Stanford Cardinal (1979-82). You could see what Elway was going to be in college, carrying a very limited Stanford team to multiple winning seasons.

31. Steve Emtman, Washington Huskies (1989-91). Emtman was the best player on a national title team. Doesn’t get much better.

27. Marcus Allen, USC Trojans (1979-81). There’s a reason USC is considered running back U. Three of the greatest talents ever (Simpson, Bush, Allen) all dominated at the collegiate level.

26. Anthony Munoz, USC Trojans (1976-79). Perhaps the greatest USC offensive lineman ever.

25. Kenny Easley, UCLA Bruins (1977-80). One of the best Pac-12 defenders ever, Easley captured all sorts of awards as a Bruin.

20. O.J. Simpson, USC Trojans (1967-68). Awful post-career aside, Simpson was an electric football talent who came well ahead of his time.

18. Ronnie Lott, USC Trojans (1978-80). Lott was one of the most feared defenders ever.

14. Reggie Bush, USC Trojans (2003-05). It’s shocking to see Bush this high, considering the amount of talent he had around him. But Bush was undoubtedly spectacular in his 2005 Heisman campaign.