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Utah Utes Showing Signs Of Improvement Behind Travis Wilson, Resurgent Defense

We talk Utah Utes football and how the team is improving with quarterback Travis Wilson and a stronger defense.

Steve Dykes

What most encouraged you about last week's performance? What still needs work?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: I think the defense bouncing back was huge. They didn't play well against UCLA and I felt they had a far better outing against Oregon State. Of course, the offense still has a lot of room to grow and this was on full display last Saturday - especially in regards to turnovers. It'd be nice if we could get a good offensive performance and a good defensive performance in one game.

Utecentral, Ute Football Central: The defense was strong and held Oregon State in check most of the night. 14 points came off of very short fields from offensive turnovers and so the defense was put in two very tough spots there. Would have been nice if they could have held one of those to a field goal, but I digress. The pass defense was also impressive especially how Cooks and Wheaton were held in check all night. The tackling was also much improved compared to all the missed tackles against UCLA.

Is Travis Wilson growing into his role well? How did he play last week?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: I think he is. Obviously when you're only starting your second game, against the eighth-best team in the nation on the road at that, it's going to be tough ... but I think he's responded well. I just hope to see continued progress the remainder of the season and hopefully, by next year, he'll be ready to lead a solid Utah offense ... something we haven't had since the 2010 season.

Utecentral, Ute Football Central: Wilson is improving in his confidence each week and continues to make big strides. He looked more comfortable in the pocket and his numbers were hurt by way too many dropped balls. The receivers have to help out this young kid (only 18) this week against Cal and if they do, you'll see vastly improved passing numbers for Wilson. The one thing that I was impressed with the most is how Wilson took full responsibility for the four turnovers against the Beavers even though, in my opinion, two could have been put on DeVonte Christopher and another one was from poor pass blocking. This kid is trying to be leader that this team desperately needs. Look for more big things from him in the future.