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Utah Football: Utes Finally Put Together Excellent Performance Against Cal

The Utah Utes finally put together an excellent performance in Pac-12 play against the California Golden Bears. We talk with writers from Block U, Academically Ineligible and Ute Football Central about the team's performance.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

What would you say were the biggest keys to victory against Cal? What were the most satisfying factors in the win?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: I think Utah finally winning the turnover margin. They had been close in past weeks, but struggled creating turnovers. It doesn’t hurt that Reggie Dunn had two 100-plus kickoff returns, either!

The most satisfying thing about the win was the win itself. We haven’t had many this season, so, the fact it happened is pretty awesome in its own right. I guess the blowout factor added to it ... as it was a really fun game to attend.

Matt Quinney, Academically Ineligible: The biggest key was our special teams play. Of course we had 2 electrifying kick returns, but our punting was great as well. Cal was never really able to get any type of field position.

The most satisfying factors were the play of our offensive line. I don’t remember Wilson being pressured to get rid of the ball and we were able to establish the running game. John White was finally able to break the 100+ mark while adding 2 rushing TD’s.

Utecentral, Ute Football Central: This was the Utes first complete game of the year if you throw out the win over Northern Colorado. Unlike previous matchups in the Pac-12, the Utes had things going in all three phases of the game, with each contributing points and making big plays which ultimately led to dominating victory over Cal. This was also the best offensive performance of the year even though the offensive stats weren't overwhelming. Utah passed for only 156 yards and ran for another 210 yards (188 net rushing yards) which are not mind blowing numbers, however, their offense did lose two potential possessions on the 100 plus yard kickoff returns for touchdowns by Reggie Dunn and another possession on the scoop and score by the defense in the first quarter. The other huge stat for the Utes was their success on third down where they went 8-13. That is a huge number compared to how dreadful they were at UCLA (6-13) and at OSU (3-16). If the Ute's offense can perform at that level the rest of the way, they may be able to salvage a bowl game this year.