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Utah Football Vs. WSU: Utes Aim To Build Momentum For Final Month

We discuss the Utah matchup against Washington State with Block U, Ute Football Central and Academically Ineligble.

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Looking ahead to this week's matchup with Washington State, what do you believe will be the biggest matchup of the game? What does Utah need to do to achieve victory?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: I’d like to see how Utah handles Washington State’s offense. But for Utah to win, they’ll have to do what they did last weekend – cut down on the turnovers and actually turn drives into points. I’m hopeful they’ll be able to build on their victory over Cal in a game they must win to further their bowl chances.

Utecentral, Ute Football Central: Biggest matchup will be Utah's pass defense against WSU's passing offense. Leach has obviously abandoned the run completely and will be passing all game long. Utah's pass defense has been solid the last several games with the exception of the 4th quarter against Cal. The Utes will have to put pressure on the Jeff Tuel and force him into mistakes and turnovers. Washington State's offensive line, who gave up 10 sacks to Stanford, will have another big test on their hands with a Utah defensive line that is improving and had one of their better performances against Cal.

Matt Quinney, Academically Ineligible: Once again I believe the biggest matchup is the Utah offensive line against the Washington State defensive line. Utah needs to have a good run game. Like we saw in the CAL game, when Utah has a good run game they can get the defense some rest and then they look like the team we thought they should be.