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Utah Football: Utes Take A Step Backwards

The Utah Utes take a step backwards in their loss to the Washington Huskies.


Looks as if Utah took a few steps back this weekend. What were the biggest issues in their loss to Washington?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: Inconsistency and poor offensive play calling. I guess the coaches felt they stood a better chance going conservative, but it obviously didn’t play out the way they had expected. The play calling was predictable, vanilla and very uninspiring - even if John White IV hit the century mark (the first time he has in a loss). The game was just ugly all around ... from Travis Wilson, to the play calling on down to the secondary, which appeared to have its worst game of the season.

Matt Quinney, Academically Ineligible: The biggest issues were turnovers and the lack of a passing game; Travis Wilson looked like a freshman this game.

Was there anything encouraging to take from this defeat? Any positive signs?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: No. Well, outside the fact it means we’re one game closer to the end of the season?

Matt Quinney, Academically Ineligible: The only encouraging thing was the run game; White had 160+ yards on 22 carries.

If Utah could get to a bowl game (win their last two games), would you consider this season a success?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: Yes and no. A success compared to where we are right now ... but not in terms of where we thought we would be at the beginning of the season.

Matt Quinney, Academically Ineligible: Yes I would still consider a bowl game, and a win in that bowl game, a success for this season.