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Utah Vs. Colorado: Two Pac-12 Teams Looking Toward Next Year

We talk with Utah fans about what they want to see from their team against Colorado.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

What are the matchups you consider the keys to victory against Colorado? Who has to step up and what will be the biggest factors in an upset win?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: Show up and play to our potential. Utah didn't do that last year and it cost them a shot at the Pac-12 title. I really don't think Utah winning would be considered an upset, though, since they're a 20-point favorite. But yeah, show up, cut down on turnovers and play like the talent suggests we should play and this is a game the Utes should win.

Matt Quinney, Academically Ineligible: I think this year’s game might turn out like last year’s game. Colorado will come out playing hard. With that, the kicking game of Coleman Petersen needs to be on. If he can hit those field goals Utah will win. If he can't, they will lose.

What's your score prediction for Utah vs. Colorado and why?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: I do think Utah wins ... not quite by the margins Vegas believes, but we're the better team and even though they have little to play for now that a bowl berth is gone, they're probably looking for a bit of revenge after last year's debacle. I'll say Utah 35, Colorado 14.

Matt Quinney, Academically Ineligible: I think Utah wins 24-7. Utah hasn't been playing well this year, but Colorado is just plain bad!