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Utah Football: Utes Try To Keep Winning Streak Going

We talk a little bit with a Utah fan from Academically Ineligible about where the Utes are headed.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Two good performances in a row. What have the Utes done these past two weeks that’s really impressed you?

They have run the ball well and the offensive line has made some holes for John White. The past two games he’s rushed over 100 yards and the Utes are 11-0 when he reaches the century mark. The D-Line has also put a lot of pressure on the opposing QB.

What do the Utes still need to work on to improve as a team?

Utah still gives up big pass plays in the secondary, also the line backers need to better support the run. Even though White has had some good games and the run game has dramatically improved, it still needs a little more work. I would like to see around 200 yards rushing per game.