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Popular Mechanics cites Utah as 'cupcake' for Michigan, Utes using as motivation


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being a rather boisterous person, Jim Harbaugh is not known for giving opposing coaches a lot of quote fodder they can use to motivate their teams. Michigan vs. Utah has been filled with mostly ominous silence as we approach next Thursday's contest.

So Kyle Whittingham had to get creative in trying to find a way to get Utah motivated for their season opener against Michigan. It took awhile, but they finally found a source with which to fuel themselves with the necessary hype.

But the quote didn't emerge from the Michigan locker room or any of the national media. No, this year's diss came from technology magazine Popular Mechanics. More from FOX13 News:

The Utes have some extra motivation, but it didn't come from the Wolverines. In the latest edition of Popular Mechanics, the magazine's monthly calendar put this on the calendar on September third. "College football season gets underway tonight with the University of Michigan in a cupcake game against Utah."

The Utes already have the quote up on their bulletin board.

Some things you know about Popular Mechanics:

  • They don't have any sports writers.
  • They don't really cover sporting events.
  • The wording is very unclear because it's referred to as a cupcake game, but we cannot delineate who the opponent is. Is Michigan considered the cupcake or Utah?