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Michigan Wolverine students dress up as Jim Harbaugh look-a-like Harbro, drove khaki Harbus to Utah

They are here.

The Harbros are here
The Harbros are here
Ute Central

So it looks like the Harbros will be out in full force for the season opener for the Michigan Wolverines against the Utah Utes. Here are the Jim Harbaugh impersonators at the University of Utah campus.

These are not only Michigan fans, but Fox Sports 1 interns who are dressing up like Jim Harbaugh. Why? They needed someone to drive that khaki bus, the Harbus if you will. And chill with Cleatus. Oh and cross promote the hell out of a lot of Fox Sports games. 

They've been busy at work the last month...dressing up as Jim Harbaugh. Here they are staring down the Big Ten conference championship trophy.

Here they are doing the Dirty Bird that Jamal Anderson is disapproving of.

Nice photoshop in front of Air Jordan.

Here they are dressing shirtless in a rest area somewhere in the country's heartland.

Here they are promoting one baseball game.

Here they are promoting another baseball game.

Here they are...yeah you get the pattern. Cool way for Michigan students to score a lot of free baseball.

Finally, here they are springing into action a few minutes ago next to the FOX Khaki bus.

You can follow them on Twitter at Harbros, because I'm sure they're going to keep on doing this for the rest of the season until they lose two games in a row and discover that they're in college and there are other things to do.