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Utah Utes in the NFL Draft: Tom Hackett, Jared Norris could get picked late

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Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Could America's Heisman Trophy snub get his spot on an NFL roster? Let's take a look at the two Utes who could get picked late on the final day of drafting.

Punter Tom Hackett. Hackett has been the best punter in college football two years running and is going to be one of those guys you know will be in the league for a decade based on how well he boots the football. Hackett can boom that football far down the field. It could be argued he was almost as valuable as Devontae Booker or the Utah defense to how successful the Utes were the past few years. Hackett loomed over all the proceedings.

Linebacker Jared Norris. Norris was one of the stalwarts of another outstanding Utah defense. Utah always churns out great defenders, so this is hardly a surprise, and Norris figures to be a late addition to someone's roster. Norris was extremely productive in Salt Lake City, so expect him to be a pleasant surprise for whoever picks him up.