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Washington Football: Expectations Going Into Oregon State

What are the expectations for the Washington Huskies the rest of the year going into this weekend's matchup with the Oregon State Beavers?

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Examine the rest of the season. What would the Huskies have to do to make this season a success?

Jesse Kennemer, The Husky Haul: To have this season be a success compared to preseason expectations, I think the Huskies would need to win out, including this Saturday against Oregon State. That would be eight wins and a bowl, meaning a possible nine win season. That would finally represent progress over the past two seven win years. To simply salvage the season and stop the #firesark activity on twitter, I would say one loss the rest of the way. That is totally doable with games against Cal, Utah, Colorado, and WSU following this Saturday’s game against the Beavers, but it still wouldn’t necessarily be much of a success. It’s just another seven win year, with the possibility of eight with a bowl win. The impression of this season will also have to do with how these games are won and lost. If the Huskies lose by 7-10 points against the Beavers and dominate the next four teams, it will probably be viewed more favorably than a blowout loss to OSU followed by close wins against the last four teams.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: I had limited expectations going into this season and still do. I think 6-6 and a bowl will be a success. I know that isn't what everyone hopes for, but it is just what is realistic with the lack of seniors, and even juniors on this team. With the lack of experience, combined with the schedule, I suspected that this would be the toughest year of Sarkisian's tenure and he just needed to keep things even before the next couple of years when things look much better.

If the Huskies can get to 6-6, they will likely end up in a very winnable bowl game and finish 7-6 for the third year in a row. That would be the minimum for what I think would be deemed acceptable, but for a team with only three or four starting seniors, I think it is actually an accomplishment.