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Washington Football vs. Colorado: The Good, The Bad and the Unknown

The Huskies got a great performance from their defense and recovered from a slow start on offense to get a comfortable 38-3 over Colorado.


It is a great sign for the Husky program that the Huskies beat a conference team (even if it is Colorado) 38-3 and I feel like most fans don't think they played that well, at least on offense. While it wasn't an ideal win with the slow start, the Huskies did what they needed to do and almost completely shut out a team at home.

Overall, it wasn't pretty but the Huskies did what they needed to do and got to seven wins with their second road win of the season.

The Good

Keith Price - Price had his second-straight good game of the year and put up the kind of numbers that he usually did last year, completing almost all of his passes and tossing five touchdowns without a turnover. Facing a hapless Buff defense, Price looked as good as he has all season.

The defense - The Buffs aren't prolific on offense, but they did score 31 points against Arizona the week before, but the Huskies had them on lock down on the ground and through the air, limiting them to less than 150 yards.

Turnovers - Not only did the Huskies force 5 turnovers, the Huskies limited themselves to one lone fumble and made sure that they didn't keep Colorado in the game with mistakes. The Husky defenders made interceptions when they had the chance and made opportunistic plays on the ball all game.

The Bad

Slow start - Maybe it was the altitude, of the 10:30 a.m. pacific time start, but the Huskies offense was sloppy and inefficient for most of the first half as Price missed passes, the offensive line failed to open up holes for Sankey and the Huskies couldn't convert in the red zone. The Huskies were able to skate by in the first half because of how bad the Buffs are and good play by their defense.

Penalties - The penalties just won't go away as the Huskies gave up nearly 90 yards due to penalties. The unforced mistakes are really hurting the Huskies, especially the ones on offense that stalled drives and the unnecessary personal fouls.

Sankey's fumble - This is a certified nit pick, since there isn't much to criticize in the 38-3 win, but Sankey still seems to have a little bit of a fumbler bug and it could really hurt them in a closer game.

The Unknown

Pressure - The Husky defense was finally able to break through and get after a quarterback as they sacked the Colorado quarterbacks five times. Was the Huskies success in generating pressure indeed progress, or was it the result of how bad the Colorado offensive line is as protection?

Keith Price - Price looked good again and had the kind of game that he had in 2011. Has Price gotten his mojo back, or is Colorado just that bad?

Second option - A number of receivers finally stepped up and made plays alongside Kasen Williams - Cody Bruns, Kendyl Taylor, DiAndre Campbell and Jaydon Mickens. Which one of these guys will end up being Price's much needed second option?