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Washington Football: How Did Steve Sarkisian Perform This Year?

Steve Sarkisian seems to be doing an okay job as Washington Huskies head coach, but average probably won't cut it as his tenure wears on.


Give us your assessment of Steve Sarkisian's job performance this season.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: I would say that it was pretty average, for almost everything that he did good, he leveled it out with something that was frustrating and the penalty problem is something that can't be ignored. I don't think expectations were that high this season and Sarkisian should be commended for getting the Stanford win which looks huge now and a good win over Oregon State, but the team doesn't look any better than they have in any of his other seasons. Until Sarkisian can prove that he can get Washington to win 10 games or more, he will always be viewed as kind of a middling head coach.

Gekko Mojo, UW Dawg Pound: This is a complex question depending on what aspect of program leadership you are looking at. In terms of X's and O's, it is hard to argue that Sark was able to optimize what he had. The situation with the O-Line, the lack of a third legit WR option, the lack of a pass rush and the importance of QB performance will are all issues that were understood before the season, and those gaps couldn't be closed at all. On the flip side, replacing Chris Polk and the LB situation were also grave concerns, and those issues got addressed. So, kind of mixed in that regard. In other aspects of the program progress this year, things look pretty good. The defensive hires were a flat out home run, a very strong recruiting class is being assembled, and our players have been exemplary citizens and students. You could quibble that the Eric Keisau hire doesn't look good and that the ongoing struggles of the O-Line raise questions about OL coach Dan Cozetto, but all-in-all, Sark gets strong marks for overall program management this season.