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Washington Football Recruiting: Huskies Excel Despite Average Season

Steve Sarkisian and the Washington Huskies put together a strong recruiting class headlined by Elijah Qualls, Marcus Farria, Darrell Daniels, Demorea Stringfellow and others.

How well do you think Washington filled positions of need in this class? Are there any places they came up short.

The good news is that after years of being thin everywhere, the Huskies finally have some depth in almost every unit except maybe the offensive line and at safety. They are fine on the o-line for the next couple of years barring massive injuries, but I never like to see a team take less than five o-lineman in a class and the Huskies only took three, with one of those guys being a guy they didn't offer until the last weekend of recruiting. The Huskies only return two experienced safeties, and despite a well-stocked shelf of safeties out West in this class, the Huskies only pulled in one guy from Texas.

Who would you say is the biggest impact Washington recruit in this class?

Elijah Qualls is a guy who just seemed to get rave reviews in everything camp/all-star game he took part in and he looks like an ultra-athletic, combo-defensive lineman in the mold of Will Sutton that isn't huge, but can play anywhere along the line and stop the run but also rush the passer. He also is the kind of vocal leader that you want to have in every class.

If you were to rank Washington's position in the Pac-12 recruiting hierarchy, it would be ______ because ______.

A comfortable fourth. USC will always be in the top spot no matter what happens, UCLA's location will always have them in a distant second and with their dominant success and Nike ties, Oregon is right up there with UCLA. The good news is that if the Huskies can start winning more than seven games again, they can get up there with UCLA and Oregon and they are a ways ahead of the teams like Arizona State, Arizona and Cal who are behind them right now.

The player I think will make the most immediate impact for the Huskies is ____________ because ________.

John Ross. One of the three highly-rated receivers that the Huskies signed desperately needs to make an immediate impact and Ross might not be the best in the long run, but the other two guys are a little more raw and too similar to Kasen Williams in style and size while Ross is more of a small, spread guy who can also make an impact on special teams.

Who are the under the radar recruits to watch for in this class for UW who could be on the field sooner rather than later?

The biggest would be defensive end Marcus Farria if he can qualify. He's a pass-rusher who looks like he is about 45 years old and many think he would have been the most highly-rated DE out West if he wasn't a grade risk. It's no secret that Husky fans weren't pleased with last year's kicker Travis Coons missing field goals that likely cost them their last two games, so look for big-legged kicker Cameron Van Winkle to possibly be the starting kicker come next season despite little fanfare when he committed last summer.

SB Nation snippet

The Huskies tied with Oregon for the third-best class in the Pac-12, behind UCLA and USC. Losing Dasheon Hall to A&M and failing to flip the Robinson twins from Oregon hurts, but defensive lineman Qualls and Joe Mathis are very good, as is Marcus Farria. Stringfellow and Daniels are big, physical receivers who fit Sarkisian's offense well. Washington failed to close strong, but what it already had was quite good.

For more signing day coverage, here's my review at SB Nation. Watch at 1:19:35 for Pac-12 Signing Day coverage.