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Steve Sarkisian reportedly ordered 45 Patron shots, $500 of alcohol through Washington sports funds in 2012


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In light of the recent Steve Sarkisian booze event at Tribute to Troy, this recent bit of news might not come at the best time for Sark. This might be innocuous, this might not be innocuous. But I don't think the University of Washington is going to be thrilled how Sarkisian was using his money back when he was their head coach in 2012.

Over $500 were spent on Alcohol at Diegos one March evening and then billed right back to the Washington Huskies. Here is a bill from Don Diego's of Indian Wells via Danny O'Neill of ESPN Radio.

For those who want the official count of the receipt.

  • 40 shots of Patron SIlver, plus another five shots of some premium version of Patron Silver
  • One shot of Absolut vodka
  • One Dos Equis beer
  • Two Negra Modelo beers
  • Two Pacifico beers
  • Three Grand Marnier cognac liquer
  • A Cadillac, which I believe is a margarita
  • Three Corona Lites
  • Mediana, which I believe is 0.33 a liter of beer
  • One additional Corona
For those who care about the food
  • 1 tostada grande
  • 1 taquitos
  • 5 tacos
  • Finally, something called 7 Cinco...
  • Which literally translates to 7-5.