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The Washington Huskies are for real. What’s their ceiling after thumping Stanford?


Stanford v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

How about the Washington Huskies? What do you think their ceiling can be this season after thumping Stanford? Is there anything that could hold them back?

Jose Bouquett: Washington made a statement win tonight and proved to the country and me how good they are. If they keep playing like that then I could easily see them making the playoffs. The only two challenging games for the Huskies left is at Utah and at Oregon and I see them easily taking care of business in those matchups. Only question is who they'll be playing in the Pac-12 championship and they'll probably run over that time too. UW is legit.

David Colangelo (DC23AZ): Washington's ceiling is seemingly as high as they want it to be, now that they've gotten past Stanford (read as: steamrolled Stanford). While it's tough to see a loss on their remaining schedule, I'd add the road game @ Cal to what Jose said before. Once UW proves they can win against good teams on the road, they'll cement themselves as a likely playoff team.

Simeon Moses: Washington ceiling as the great Notorious B.I.G. would say "The sky is the limit" however even if they are favored the rest of the way I would expect competitive games from Oregon, Cal and Utah. I also think the media undersold the impact of injuries on Stanford. Stanford losing both starting cornerbacks at UCLA really set them up for failure last night.

Nico Gervasoni: The only thing that could stop Washington is Washington themselves. I think there's something to be said for a team playing as the favorite now - Washington isn't sneaking up on anyone any more. It'll be interesting to see how they handle the new found pressure, but if there's a coach out there who can manage that for this team, it's Chris Petersen. He's building a death machine, and it's beautiful and terrifying for the rest of the conference.

Demolishing Stanford felt like a proverbial torch passing in the Pac-12 - from USC to Oregon to Stanford and now to Washington. Not that Stanford won't continue to be good, but the Huskies announced themselves as back in a huge way.

Gabey Lucas: Last November I made the prediction that UW would have ten wins _but_ I emphasized that you don't see anything that's a guaranteed loss in their schedule, unlike in previous years. (In-fact, I think that piece may have been published here in January as my first piece I ever did on SBN?) So, half-serious, I considered the implications of that if they just go 1-0 each week. I didn't realize at the time, but that seems all the more relevant now that we've seen the Huskies play consistently solid, minus the AZ game. I have been careful not to be too optimistic but I think that caution can be thrown in the incinerator now. UW is no longer just "potential."

I also think you guys have really good points; Nico, I also don't expect to see Stanford lose too much ground so if these teams continue like they're doing now it could make for some really fun matchups in the coming years.