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Washington Huskies football spring practice: Trey Adams, Myles Gaskin, Jeff Lindquist news

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Spring Ball Video Blog: "Click to see post practice interviews with Trey Adams, Myles Gaskin, Jeff Lindquist, and Coleman Shelton." [Realdawg Washington Home News]

UW Spring Football 2016 - Day 13 Wrap: "The hottest day of 2016 also happened to be the day the offense caught fire, fighting back against the defense, which has dominated the majority of the practices thus far." [ >]

Spring Ball: Day 13 Notes: "On day 13 of spring ball, Washington practiced on the east practice field - with no pads." [Realdawg Washington Home News]

VIDEO: Jeff Lindquist on Spring Ball Day 13: "On Monday we spoke after Day 13 of Washington's spring football campaign with Jeff Lindquist, who talked about his transition from quarterback to tight end, and more." [ >]

VIDEO: Myles Gaskin on Spring Ball Day 13: " spoke to sophomore running back Myles Gaskin Monday after Day 13 of Washington Spring Football about his mindset this spring, how the offense looks, Jomon Dotson, and more." [ >]

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VIDEO: Trey Adams on Spring Ball Day 13: " spoke Monday after day 13 of Washington spring football with sophomore left tackle Trey Adams, who talked about the offensive line's progression during spring, and more." [ >]